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Access Levels

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The Access Levels feature allows you to manage the permissions assigned to your staff. For example, you can give a Manager access across the system, the Front Desk staff permission to edit reservations but block them from accessing the account settings, and the Housekeeping staff the option to update the housekeeping status but block them from editing the reservation details.

To access the Access Levels list, navigate to Setup >> Front Office >> Employee >> Access Levels.


  1. Click on Create Access Level
  2. Enter a name for the Access Level
  3. Select the permissions you would like this Access Level to have. You can select by whole modules (checking off the respective Full Access boxes) or by individual functions. Then, click Save.


  1. To edit the Access Levels, click on the Edit (Pencil) icon to the right
  2. Make the necessary changes and click


To delete an Access Level, click on the DELETE (trash bin) icon to the right of the respective level being deleted

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