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Easy Innkeeping handles everything that has to do with Guest Billing via Account Codes. There are three levels to the Account Code Setup:  Main GroupsSub Groups, and Items. You can create as many of all three as you need. No limits.

To access the Account Code Setup, go to Setup>>Accounts>>Inventory Items.

Editing Existing Items

Editing Existing Items

When you need to Find or Edit any existing Account Code, there are two ways to navigate the Account Code Setup screen:

    1. Search

      1. the Items tab. It will show the entire list from all Main Groups and Sub Groups. Use the search field at the top of the screen to find the item you want to Edit.

On the Main Groups tab, click the eyeball icon in the “View/Add Sub Groups” column next to the Main Group is where your item is under.
Then, on the Sub Groups tab, click the eyeball icon in the “View/Add Items” column next to the Sub Group your item is under, then find the item in the list. Adding New Groups/Items

To Add a new Main Group:

  1. In the Main Group List, click Add
  2. Type the Name of the new Main Group
  3. Click Save

To Add a new Sub Group:

  1. In the Sub Group List, click Add
  2. Type the Name of the new Sub Group
  3. Click Save

To Add a new Item:

    1. In the Items List, click Add
    2. Type the Name of the new Item
    3. Verify that the Main Group and Sub Group are correct.
    4. Enter the default Price of the Item. Enter “0” if you want to enter the Price each time
    5. Enter the Number of Items you have on hand. Enter “9999” if you are not tracking inventory on this Item.
    6. If this Item will be sold online, upload a Picture and enter a Description to show on the Shopping Cart (see Step 9)
    7. Select any Taxes that apply to this Item
    8. Check Apply to Lodging if this Item will be applied to every reservation made in the system.
    9. Check Apply to Booking Engine to have this Item available on the Online Shopping Cart.

Click Save.

Adding Items To Reservations

To add an Item to a Reservation:

  1. Open the reservation and go to the Billing Screen
  2. Click the Search icon (magnifying glass) next to Acc Code OR type the Account Code number (if known)
  3. If using the Search, find the Main Group and Sub Group of your Item and click on the Item Name on the right side
  4. Enter the Quantity and click Save.

Online Shopping Cart

When a guest is booking online, through the Easy WebRez Booking Engine, after selecting the room they want and clicking “Complete Booking” on V3 or “Next” on V2, the Online Shopping Cart will get displayed as “Optional Items and Services” (V3) or “Shopping Cart Items” (V2). Then, they select the quantity of the items they want, and the amount plus tax (if applicable) will get added to the Reservation Total.


NOTE:  Item Description will only display on V3 of the Booking Engine.



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