Automated Report

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Automated report is used to send a report automatically on daily, weekly or monthly based on setup to the property info’s email address. This will reduce the time of generating each report.


  1. Automated report is an “Add on feature”. Need to contact Gracesoft support to enable this feature. Please see pricing page for the pricing
  2. Once it is been enabled by our support specialist then, go to Setup >> Add on Features >> Automated Report as shown below,
  3. Reports that can be automated are,
    a. Occupancy Forecast
    b. Hourly Checkin – Checkout
    c. Reservation Created on
    d. Night Audit Detailed Report
  4. Choose the report from the dropdown and define what condition it should send like daily, weekly or monthly.
  5. If you want to generate the report of past for future days, it can be defined under “Conditions”.
  6. Once all defined, click on the “Create” button.
  7. This is how it will receive in your email. Click on “Download” button, it will download as an excel file.

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