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The Billing Screen, also known as the Invoice, or the Rate Info tab (in Full Reservation Mode) provides a central location for all charges, payments, and discounts for the reservation.  It can also be printed and/or emailed to the Guest.  NOTE: The Billing Screen is not accessible until the Reservation has been Saved one time into the system.

There are multiple ways to get to the Billing Screen:

  1. Right-Click – From the Calendar, Right-Click on any Reservation and choose Payments and Charges.
  2. Billing Button – In the Reservation Screen (Quick Reservation Mode OR Full Reservation Mode), Click the Billing Button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Rate Info Tab – In Full Reservation Mode ONLY, click the Rate Info Tab at the top of the screen

Description and Usage

Once in the Billing Screen, the screen itself is broken down into three main sections: Reservation Information at the top, Account Code Adding in the middle, and the Invoice Details at the bottom.

Reservation Information:

The Reservation Information section has three parts, and all are pulled directly from the Reservation screen.  Guest Details (the Guest’s personal info), Stay Information (Arrival and Departure dates, stay length, number of Guests), and Room Information (what Units are booked and the rate info).

Account Code Adding:

The Account Code Adding section is where Payments, Additional Charges, and Discounts can be added to the Guest’s Bill.

To add a Payment, Additional Charge, or a Discount:

  1. Type in or Search for the Account Code of the Item you wish to Add. When Searching, the Account Codes are categorized by Main Group, Sub Group, then Items.  For more information on setting up Account Codes, click HERE.
  2. Enter the Quantity of Items you are Adding (if applicable). NOTE: If Adding a Discount, the Quantity field is used to specify how much you are discounting.  For Example, if a 20% Discount, then use the Account Code 99 – Room Discount % and enter Quantity 20.
  3. Verify that the Amount is correct and correct it as needed.
  4. Click Save.
  5. This is also where you can enter the Guest’s Credit Card details if not entered already.


Invoice Details:

The Invoice Details section shows an itemized list of all items, quantities, and prices agreed to by you and the guest as well as any Payments or Deposits received from the guest and shows any outstanding amount they still owe you.  It also is where you can mark the Bill as Tax Exempt.

The different aspects of the Invoice Details section are:

  1. Room (or Lodging) Charges – The total amount of the Unit’s assigned Rate times the Number Of Nights. This line CAN be Edited, both the Price and the Total Amount by clicking the Edit icon and using the Account Code Adding  It CANNOT be Deleted.
  2. Extra Person Charge – Calculated based on the Number of Guests and the Included Occupants and Extra Person Charge in the Unit’s assigned Rate. This line CANNOT be Edited or Deleted.  It is changed by editing the Number of Guests or going to Rate Setup and changing either the Included Occupants or the Extra Person Charge values.
  3. Discount – Any Discount entered either here in the Billing Screen, in the Quick Reservation screen, or by the Easy WebRez Online Booking Engine. This line CAN be Edited, by clicking the Edit icon and using the Account Code Adding  It CAN ALSO be Deleted.
  4. Auto Housekeeping Fee (If Applicable) – If any Auto Housekeeping Fee is set up on the Unit’s Room Type, it will appear here. This line CANNOT be Edited or Deleted.  It is changed by editing the Auto Housekeeping Fee in Inventory Items.
  5. Additional Items – If any Additional Items are added either by using the Account Code Adding section, or by the Easy WebRez Online Booking Engine’s Shopping Cart, they will show here. There can be as many of these lines as there are Items added to the Bill.  These lines CAN be Edited, by clicking the Edit icon and using the Account Code Adding  They CAN ALSO be Deleted.
  6. Taxes – Any Taxes that have the Applied to Lodging setting checked (True) in Taxes Setup will show here. This can either be displayed here as ONE line saying “Lodging Tax”, or as multiple lines showing the exact breakdown as shown in Taxes Setup, depending on the setting “Show Tax Breakdown on Invoice” in the Setup>>Front Office>>Default Settings  These lines CANNOT be Edited.  Pressing Delete on them will change their Value to Zero (0), but any Refresh of the Billing Screen will bring the Values back to default.
  7. Post Tax Total – The Total of ALL Charges, minus any Discounts. This line CANNOT be Edited or Deleted.
  8. Total Paid – The Total Amount of ALL Payments and Deposits. This line CANNOT be Edited or Deleted.
  9. Amount Due – The Difference between the Post Tax Total and the Total Paid. It shows any Amount the Guest may still owe you, or any Refund you may owe the Guest.  This line CANNOT be Edited or Deleted.
  10. Tax Exempt – If you need to COMPLETELY remove ALL Taxes from this Reservation, check this box and press Save.
  11. Deposit – This field shows the Total of all Deposits entered. ANY Deposit Payment Type used above (VisaCard Deposit, Cash Deposit, Deposit Payment, etc.) will populate here.


The buttons at the bottom of the Billing Screen have the following functions.  NOTE: Some buttons shown here may not be present, based on the Easy Innkeeping Features that are active on your property. 

  1. Refresh – The Refresh Button will force the Post Tax Total, Total Paid, and Amount Due fields to recalculate. This can be useful if any of those fields happen to be showing the wrong amount.  NOTE: Having the Setting Edit Individual Room Charges on Invoice Screen in the Setup>>Front Office>>Default Settings screen is set to Yes, then the Refresh Button will be disabled.
  2. Print – The Print Bill Button will engage the Internet Browser’s Print function in order to Print the Invoice for the Guest. If Gracesoft’s E-Signature Feature is active, and the optional Signature Pad is set up, then the Print Bill screen will have the ability to get the Guest to electronically sign their agreement to both the Charges AND any Policies that are displayed on the Invoice.  NOTE: If the Setting Split Invoice in the Setup>>Front Office>>Default Settings screen is set to Yes, then you will be prompted to select WHICH Invoice you want to print.
  3. Send Mail – The Send Mail Button will email the Invoice itself to the Guest Email ID specified in the Reservation screen/Guest Record. Additional addresses can be added prior to sending, and there is a Message Body text box to type a note to the Guest.  Any Policies that are set to display on the Invoice will be included in the email.
  4. Policy Signature – If Gracesoft’s E-Signature Feature is active, this Button activates its main function. Click HERE for more information about E-Signature.  Contact Support if you would like to learn more about adding E-Signature to your package.
  5. Close – Closes the Billing Screen.


How to apply for a refund:

  1. Open up the Billing screen
  2. Click on the magnifying glass to open up the Acct Code list
  3. Under Payments, select the appropriate Refund item. Say 113 for visacard refund. Enter the amount to refund.
  4. if a check or cash or if it was processed in another system. Click Save and it will add refund to the bill.
  5. If you need to process a refund, you need to COPY transaction ID of original payment and click PROCESS CC and copy/paste the transaction id in the popup and click ok.
  6. As a confirmation of the refund, you will see a refund row created with a transaction id in the billing line item.

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