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Default Settings

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Default Settings adjusts the predefined settings on the screens of Easy Innkeeping, such as Calendar, Invoicing, Time Zone, Language, Auto Night Audit Run Schedule and others.

To change the settings,

Go to Setup >> Front Office >> Default Settings.

Invoicing Section:

Note: All the examples below are what occurs when “YES” is selected in the Default Settings screen.

  • Show Daily Rates on Invoice: Selecting this option will allow nightly rates to be viewed and printed in the invoice. This is useful when more than a single rate applies to a reservation and they are broken down clearly in the invoice for the guest.
  • Show Tax Breakdown on Invoice: This allows you to view the breakdown of different taxes in the invoice with its respective tax amount. Selecting “NO” will have a single Tax line that reads “Lodging Tax”.
  • Edit individual Room Charges on Invoice Screen: Reservations with multiple rooms will be separated so that each room’s individual charges can be edited. Click on the edit pencil icon make modifications.
  • Show Property Logo: Property logo that was uploaded in Setup>>Front Office>>Property Info will be displayed in the Print Invoice at the top left corner.
  • Show Logo on Invoice Mail: Property logo that is uploaded in the Setup >> Front Office >> Property Info will be viewed in the Send Email.
  • Show Check In/Out Time on Invoice: Property’s Check-In and Check-Out times will be displayed in invoice Screen so that when printing the invoice, this time will be displayed.
  • Calculate Tax Without Discount: When applying any discount to the invoice, it will calculate the tax based on the original room charge, not the discounted room charge.
  • Show Notes in Invoice: The Notes which are entered on the Reservation page will be shown in the printed invoice when clicking on the Print button.

Calendar Section:

  • Calendar View: The Default Calendar view can be either Room Name or Room Type. Room Name view will show the rooms with details on the calendar screen, in the order you specify, whereas Room Type will display the Rooms under their respective Room Types in calendar screen.

Note: The view selected here will also determine the view of the Online Booking Engine Search Results.  It also affects the Rooms view in the Reservation screens.

Room Type View:

Room Name View:

  • Set Default Home Page To: This is default screen that loads first when logging into Easy Innkeeping.

  • Set No of Rows to be displayed: This will determine the number of rows (rooms) that will display in all Screens that utilize a List View. For example, you can choose to display 10 lines (reservations) at a time in the Find Reservation Screen in the initial load.  To view reservations from line 11 onwards, click on the Next Page button in the lower right portion of the screen. Use the navigation buttons provided to move from one page of reservations to the other.
  • Show Guest Image: This will enable the Guest Image Button in the Reservation Screen.  It will capture the guest’s image using a web camera and stores it in the reservation.
  • Show Guest Document: This will enable the Guest Document Button in the Reservation Screen. Scanned images or documents can be uploaded and retrieved later for that particular reservation.
  • Display Charts by: In the Room Name calendar view, the rooms displayed in the left side will show the Unit Name, Unit Number, (Setup >> Unit Setup) or Both:
  • Sort Charts by: In the Room Name calendar view, rooms are sorted and displayed by Unit Name or Unit Number (Setup >> Unit Setup).  NOTE: Unit Number must be selected here for the Display Order feature to work.
  • Set Default Reservation to: This setting allows you to specify either the Quick Reservation or the Full Reservation screen as the default Reservation screen when opening a new Reservation from the Calendar. The Quick Reservation screen displays all the required details of the reservation in a single screen. The Full Reservation screen has a detailed view of the reservation in different tabs.
  • Set Name to be displayed: This feature allows you the option of choosing the guest’s First Name, Last Name, or both First & Last Name with guest count to display on their Reservation in the Calendar view.  For example, if you choose ‘Last Name’ for “Kumar Pradeep” reservation will be show ‘Pradeep’ in the calendar.
  • Set Status After Check Out: Once the Reservation Status is set to “Checked Out”, the status of the Room/Reservation will be automatically changed to Dirty either “Today” (Same Day) or “Next Day”.
  • Move Reservation With Old Room Rate: Allows a Reservation to be moved from one Room Type to another Room Type with the existing Rate instead of changing it to the Default Rate of the new Room Type.
  • Show Group Name: Will show the Group Name on a Group Reservation on the Calendar instead of showing the Guest Name.

Other Settings:

  • Use this date format: Dates throughout the application will be displayed based on the format selected in this setting. Dates can be in the following formats:
  • mm/dd/yy (month/day/year)
  • dd/mm/yy (day/month/year)
  • Set default Check-In time: The time selected here will be set as Check-In Time in the invoice screen.
  • Set default Check-Out time: The time selected here will be set as Check-Out Time in the invoice screen.
  • Color Settings: Different color themes for the application can be chosen here.
  • Front Desk Language: Default language of the application can be changed here.
  • Run Night Audit Report every night at: A fixed time to run the Night Audit Report every night (EX: 11.00 PM) can be set here.  The Night Audit report will run each night at the selected time.  This will help the manger keep track of the income generated that night.
  • Set Individual Owner Percentage: This is applicable only to users with the Condo Module active. If it is unchecked, the percentage allocated for the owner and management will be calculated for all the Condo owners based on the numbers set here.  If it is checked, then it will take the percentages that are set in the respective owner records.
  • Daily Backup Report: It will send the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charts (which is chosen) on daily basis to the property Email ID.  This is an MS Excel spreadsheet that is used to see all the reservations in a calendar view in offline.

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