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Easy WebRez 2.0 Booking Engine Setup

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Easy WebRez 2.0, Online Booking Engine


GraceSoft’s Easy WebRez 2.0 Online Booking Engine is provided to all clients with the Basic package. It can be linked to an existing website, or used as a stand-alone website. Before setting up an Online Booking Engine link on an existing web site, the Booking Engine should be set up and looking the way you want it. This is done by loading all your content, photos and descriptions in the Easy innkeeping Setup screens.

Section 1: Prerequisite Settings Required For Online Bookings

Before activating your Online Booking Engine link, please review the following items and settings.

Property Info

1. Go to Setup>>Basic>>Property Info and click on “Modify Property”
2. Enter the email address that will receive notification of all online bookings.

Unit Setup

  1. Go to Setup>>Basic>>Unit Setup and click on the Unit Name.
  2. Each Unit that is available for online reservations, select “Yes” next to Online Room.
  3. Under “Upload Picture”, click on the Browse button and find the first Image to upload. The images will display in the order they are uploaded. Upload them one at a time, Saving Changes each time.
    a. The image size should be less than 2 MB
    b. Image Resolution – 660px Width and 430px Height
    c. Image Format – Gif, Png, Jpg
  4. Unit Description and Amenities will automatically display (Amenities List is found under Advanced Settings).
  5. Make sure that the Max. Occupancy is correct.  Click Save Changes

Terms and Conditions (Policies)

  1. Go to Setup>>Advanced>>Policies.  And click on Add Policy.
  2. The Policy Number determines the order in which the Policies display.
  3. The Policy Name will show as the Title when the policies are displayed. Policy Type can be the same text as Policy Name.
  4. Policy Description is where the verbiage of the Policy is entered.
  5. Under “Display On”, check Easy WebRez to display the Policy in the Terms and Conditions for online bookings. Check Invoice to display the Policy when printing the Invoice. Check Online Standalone Shopping Cart to display the Policy there.
  6. Click Save.

Credit Card Payments

1. Go to Set Up>>Accounts>>Credit Card.

  1. Select all Credit Card Types that are accepted for Online Bookings.
  2. In the Credit Card Validation section:Easy InnKeeping PMS is for choosing how (or not) to process Credit Cards from the manually created reservations.

Easy WebRez Online Bookings is for choosing how (or not) to process Credit Cards from the online Booking Engine.  The choices are:

  • Authorize.net (for connecting to an Authorize.net account to process Credit Cards)
  • Stripe (for connecting to a Stripe account to process Credit Cards)
  • PayPal (for connecting to a PayPal Payments Pro account to process Credit Cards)
  • CC Avenue (for connecting to a CC Avenue account to process Credit Cards)
  • Validation (Credit card number required, but not processed)
  • No Validation (no credit card required to book online)

Deposits & Discounts

To define Deposit requirements, and any special discounts or promotions:

  1. Go to Setup>>Web Booking>>Advanced Easy WebRez
  2. Click on Booking Engine Settings
  3. Select Discount Requirements if you want to offer a special for guests booking online
  • Define the dates the discount will apply to
  • Discount can be a Percentage or Flat Amount.
  • Online promo or Advanced Promo can be applied by requiring the guest to enter a code to receive a discount made available to a certain group of guests only

For more information on Advanced Promo Codes and Online Promos, click here.

  1. There are four different kinds of Deposit Payments that can be chosen:
  • Number of Nights
  • Percent of Stay
  • No Deposit required
  • Full Amount of Stay

Section 2: Templates and Color Settings

Loading Images, Background templates and Header Display
1. Go to Setup>>Web Booking>>Basic Easy WebRez>>Online Templates to select a template for your Online Booking Engine. The Templates can all be Previewed without selecting them by clicking the blue Preview link next to each one. NOTE: Templates 1-12 are for Version 1 (V1) Booking Engines ONLY. Templates 13-20 are for Version 2 (V2) Booking Engines ONLY. Click the bullet next to the desired Template to select it. Close this window when done.

2. Go to Setup>>WebBooking>>Basic Easy WebRez>>Image Settings to load photos that will create an inviting display to your guests booking online.

  • Background Image
  • Amenities Image (for the Amenities Page)
  • Logo Image (will display in the header)
  • Direction Image (map)
  • Single Image Template (For Template 18 ONLY)
  • Slider Images (Scrolling images from the main page)

Section 3:  Previewing and Adding Link to Existing Website

Preview of Online Booking page

After all your content and images are loaded, you are ready to Preview your Online Booking Engine.

  1. Go to Setup>>Web Booking>>Basic Easy WebRez>>Online Booking Link. Your Online Booking Engine will open in a new browser window.
  2. Once you are satisfied with the display, you can copy the address from the Address Bar in this new window to your very own web site, and begin inviting your guests to book online!

Section 4:  Multiple Rates

Version 1 (V1) and Version 3 (V3) of the Booking Engine have the ability to utilize the Multiple Rates feature.  This allows each Unit to present more rates for the guest to select from than the Default Rate.  When turned on, this feature has the added bonus of only showing the selected rates in the Quick Reservation drop down menu.

To activate this feature:

  1. Go to Setup>>Front Office>>Basic>>Unit Setup.
  2. . Select the first Unit to be modified. Click on Advanced Settings near the bottom of the screen and locate “Multiple Rates”. Click the bullet on “Yes” and check the boxes for all of the rates that apply to that room. Click Save Changes.
  3. Repeat this process for all of the Units that need the feature.

Section 5:  Online Group Booking

The Group Booking feature has the ability to allow the Group facilitator to give the guests a special link to the Booking Engine which, along with the Group Code, will allow them to book the rooms that are blocked for that Group.


  1. Go to the Group Booking itself and make sure that Online Booking is set to “Yes”.  Make note of the Group Code.
  2. Then, provide the Group’s main contact the following link.  Change the “2202” (ONLY the “2202”) in this link to your Property ID.
    https://apps.gracesoft.com/PMS/OnlineBookingV2/RoomDetails.aspx?PropertyId=2202&PMSFolder=PMS10&GroupBooking=YesYour property ID can be found by going to Setup>>Web Booking>>Online Booking Link.

    When your Booking Engine opens, the Address Bar of the browser will have its URL, which contains the Property ID:

When the guests click on the link you provided, they will then select their Group from the drop-down menu in the Booking Engine Widget. The dates of the booking will automatically populate. Do not change dates. When they click Search, only the rooms that are blocked for the Group Booking will be presented. The guests can then reserve their own rooms.


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