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Easy WebRez 3.0 Booking Engine

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Online Booking Engine (Version 3.0)


  • Logo
  • Email Address and Phone Number
  • About Us
  • Photo Gallery
  • Direction
  • Rooms Display
  • Background Image
  • Policies
  • Credit Card Payments:
  • Deposits & Discounts
  • Shopping Cart
  • Online Booking Process
  • individual Room Booking

Property Logo

  1. To upload your property’s logo, go to Setup >> Web Booking >> Image Settings. Click on Choose File under “Logo Image”, select the image you wish to use, and click Save Changes. NOTE: The file name of the image must have a unique name.  If two properties use “Logo.jpg”, then the other property’s logo may appear on your site. 

Email Address, Phone Number and Property Picture

  1. Email Address and Phone Number information can be entered or changed under Setup >> Front Office >> Property Info.
  2. To upload the Property Image, go to Setup>>Front Office>>Property Info and then upload the image under the “Upload Picture” setting and click Save Changes. This will appear on the About Us
  3. When the guest is viewing the Booking Engine on a mobile device, and they click on the phone number button, it will automatically dial the number for them.
  4. The Phone Number is displayed in a button in the upper right of the Home page of the Online Booking Engine, and Email Address is displayed in the “Contact Us” section on the Footer. See below:

About US

  1. To set up the Property’s Description for the “About Us” page, go to Setup>>Web Booking>>Information Direction and then click on the “Property Description” tab. Enter the details under the Description section, and click Save Changes.
    Once these Setup items are done, they will appear in the About Us screen as seen here:

Photo Gallery

  1. Photo Gallery Images can be uploaded under Setup>>Web Booking>>Photo Gallery. It can hold nine images.


  1. Direction instructions and map directions can be setup under Setup>>Web Booking>>Information Direction.
  2. Choose the Input Type “Latt & Long”.
  3. Enter the co-ordinates and click Save Changes.

Once the Setup is done, the Direction screen will show the location accurately, as shown below:


Search for Rooms Widget:

The fields and parameters of the Search for Rooms Widget are controlled by settings in

the Booking Engine Settings (Setup>>Web Booking tab>>Booking Engine Settings).  The following fields in Booking Engine Settings are pertinent:

  1. Default No of Nights – The No of Night(s) specified here will be the Number of Nights shown in the Search for Rooms Widget by default.
  2. Lead Time:
    1. Same Day Booking – Lead Time is set to zero (0).
    2. For the reservation to be booked after X number days then specify the day(s) in the Lead Time field. If, for example, Lead Time is set to “2”, then the booking is only allowed two days after the current date.
  3. The Do not allow Online Reservations after feature will not allow any reservation to be made Online after the defined period of day(s) or Date.

Rooms Display

  1. The images for the Rooms that are listed at the bottom of the page can be setup under Setup>>Front Office>>Unit Setup. Upload the images for the respective rooms.
  2. Uploading Image
    a. The image size should be less than 2 MB
    b. Image Resolution – 760px Width and 370px Height
    c. Image Format – Gif, Png, Jpg
  3. Room Description and Amenities can be added to the respective rooms under Setup>>Front Office>>Unit Setup>>Advanced Settings

Background Image

  1. To upload a background image, go to Setup>>Web Booking>>Image Settings. Choose the image for “Background Image” and click Save Changes.
    Once upload is done in the Front Office it will reflect in the Online Booking Engine as shown below:


  1. Policies can be created in the Front Office under Setup >> Policies.
  2. Create the policy and make sure in the Display On section “Easy WebRez” is checked, to make the policy to display in the Online Booking Engine.

    Once the setup is done in the Front Office, it will reflect in the Policy screen as shown below:
  3. Clicking on the “Terms & Condition” text, the policy list will be displayed, which is shown below,

Credit Card Payments:

  1. Go to Setup >> Front Office >> Credit Card
  2. Select the “Credit Card Types” to be visible in the Card Type of the Online Bookings Registration Page.
  3. For payment processing options for Easy WebRez, complete your preference for “Credit Card Validation”
    • Authorize.net
    • Stripe
    • PayPal
    • CC Avenue
    • Validation (Credit card number required, but not processed)
    • No Validation (no credit card required to book online)

Deposits & Discounts:

  1. To define deposit required, and special discounts or promotions, Go to Setup >> Web Booking >> Booking Engine Settings.
  2. Select Discount Requirements if you want to offer a special for guests booking online
  • Define the dates the discount will be made available
  • Discount is used for a percentage or Flat Discount (for a flat amount).
  • Online promo or Advanced Promo can be applied by requiring the guest to enter a code to receive a discount made available to a certain group of guests only.
  1. Define Deposit Payment Requirements. The selected deposit amount will be processed from the guest when they complete the booking. (It will be charged only when a payment gateway is connected to the property). The available Deposit Types are:
    • Number of Nights
    • Percent of Stay
    • No Deposit required
    • Full Amount of Stay

Shopping Cart

The cart items under Setup>>Front Office>>Inventory Items (Main Group – Charges & Sub Group – Lodging), those items that have “Apply to Booking Engine” checked will show up under “Optional Items & Services” in the Online Booking Engine.

Online Booking Process:


  1. Choose the Room type, Check in & Check out Dates, and No. of Guests and Click on Search button
  2. List of available rooms will be displayed. Any selected room will be displayed under “Booking Details”. Click on Complete Booking to proceed to the payment page.
  3. In the payment page, the “Deposit Due” is the amount that is going to be charged out of the grand total when completing the booking.
  4. If it is a returning or existing guest, then enter the email address under “Returning Guest” and click on Submit. The Guest Details will automatically be populated in the respective fields. Make sure all the required fields are filled out and Terms & Condition is checked to enable the Complete Booking button and completes the booking.
  5.  Once the booking is successful, then Booking Confirmation is displayed. A copy of the Confirmation email will be sent to both Guest and the Property.

Individual Room Booking:

  1. If an individual room needs to be Booked from the parent website, then the individual room booking option is available. In the parent website, the link to the individual room will be placed as a button, which is shown below,
  2. When the Book Now or Reserve button is clicked it will navigate to the particular room’s Online Booking Engine which is show below.
  3. Choose the dates, click on Book
  4. Enter the Guest Details and complete the booking.
  5. At the bottom of the page, the Calendar shows the blocked or already reserved dates in black color and available dates are shown in white.
  6. Room Description and Amenities can be added to the respective room under Setup >> Front Office >> Unit Setup in Easy InnKeeping.
  7. Policies can be created in the Front Office under Setup >> Policies. Create the policy and make sure in Display On “Easy WebRez” is checked, to make the policy to display in the Online Booking Engine.

Individual Room Booking Page:


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