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Gift Certificates

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Gift certificate is a certificate issued by the Property to their guests who visit hotels often.  It is like a debit card customer can make use of it while they visit hotels. It offers a fantastic selection of money – saving coupons by all favourite hotels, restaurants allowing them   to enjoy a comfortable stay and dining without spending too much money. It saves money for the next visit to the restaurant with Gift Certificates.

Merits of Gift Certificates:

  • It offers money saving coupons to diners and business promotions services to restaurant owners. With the coupons, diners will be able to enjoy discounts on their next restaurant visit.
  • Coupon promotion services offer a great way for restaurant and Business owners to reach out to a brand new audience. They will find out these restaurants and feel enticed to give a visit.

Demerits of Gift Certificates:

  • It is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, check or credit.

Uses of Gift Certificates

  • If the Gift Certificate had an amount greater than the purchased value which you have done, then a credit for the remaining amount will be placed on your file which can be used in future.
  • If your final invoice is greater than the value of your Gift Certificate you may pay the difference with cash, check or credit card.

Usage of Gift Certificate

To Access Gift Certificate, navigate Setup>>Add-On Features>>Gift Certificate Setup.

Create Gift Certificate

  1. To access this screen Go to Setup>>Add-On Features>>Gift Certificate Setup>>Create Gift Certificate.
  2. Enter Gift Certificate Amount, Gift Certificate Expiry Date, Purchased By, Recipient Name and Gift Certificate Code will be Auto Filled by the software and click on “Save”.
  3. After saving, Click NEXT button as shown in the above image. Gift Certificate Templates will be displayed as shown below: –
  4. Select any template and click on “Bind [Next]” button. It will bind the details in the template.
  5. Click on “Billing” button, In Billing screen the Gift Code and the amount are generated by You can also send Email and print the gift certificate.
  6. In the billing screen, click on the magnifying glass and select any guest from the list. Only the existing guest in the application who have visited with a reservation made only will be shown in the guest list. Confirm #, which is located in right at the top above the Gift Code will be filled automatically from the guest list.
  7. Enter the “Payment Details” and click on “Save” button.
  8. To print the Gift Certificate click on the “Print” button, located at the bottom of the screen.

Using Gift Certificate in Billing Screen


  1. Open the reservation for which the Gift Certificate needs to be used.
  2. Choose the Gift Certificate account code by clicking on the magnifier near the “Acc Code” text box.
  3. Enter the Gift Certificate 10 digit code and when 10 digits are entered automatically the status will be shown. If it is a valid code it will be shown as “Outstanding”.
  4. If the status is outstanding the amount will be displayed in the amount text box which is shown below in the Billing page.
  5. Then click on the “Save” button and the Gift certificate code will be added in the billing list as mentioned in the screen below:
  6. If the Gift Certificate is not used before the Expiry Date, then the Gift Certificate cannot be used.

Find Gift Certificate Details

            To find the Gift Certificate details, go to Setup>>Add On Features>>Gift Certificate Setup>>Find Gift Certificate. Enter the 10 digit Gift Certificate code and click on “Find” button. If the gift certificate paid with credit card then the transaction id will be shown under Tran ID.

Gift certificate Report

  1. To View the Gift Certificate report, go to Setup>>Add On Features>>Gift Certificate Setup>>Gift Certificate Report as shown in the image below:
  2. When the gift certificate is sold by the property, the certificate status will be shown as “Sold out or Outstanding” in the gift certificate table under the Gift certificate Report.
  3. When the gift certificate is used/ redeemed the status is shown as “Used”.
  4. When the gift certificate date expires, the status is shown as “Expired”.
  5. Based on the status, the gift certificate report will be generated.

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