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New Guest

Adding guest (details) helps while making reservation. This is retrieved from here and gets auto filled in the reservation page. To Add New Guest, go to Reservation >> Guest>> New Guest in the Black Menu or click on Guest Icon in the Main Menu.



  1. Fill the general information of the guest in the “General” tab and click on “Save” Button.
  2. After saving click on “Personnel” tab and enter the Guest Type, Visit Type, Date of Birth, Guest Billing Address and Credit Card Details and click on “Save” Button.
  3. Click on “Special” Tab to enter Customized Details in the “Custom Fields” and click on “Save” Button.


Find Guest

     To find a guest profile, use “Find Guest” screen which can be accessed by clicking on  Reservation >> Guest>> Find Guest in the Black Menu or click on Find Guest Icon in the Main Menu.



  1. In “Search For” dropdown select the criteria to search for and enter the required value in the ‘’Search Input’’ field.
  2. To merge the details of the guest, select (checkbox) the two Guests located near ID and click on “Merge”.
  3. In the Reservation Screen, enter the guest first and last name and press “Tab” key. Existing Guest List will be popup then click on the Guest Name. This will fill the details of the guest automatically on the Reservation screen.


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