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iCal Connection for Airbnb and VRBO

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Airbnb iCal Connection

iCal is a personal calendar tool developed by Apple Inc for all iOS platform devices. iCal allows to you import availability, appointments and tasks from an external file.

Using iCal calendar, you can prevent multiple guests from booking the same dates by syncing your any iCal calendar like Airbnb, Home Away, and VRBO with your PMS calendar.


About iCal Connection

Please note that the iCal connection synchronizes ONLY availability, and prevents double bookings.  This connection does NOT download reservations from Airbnb into Easy InnKeeping, but only BLOCKS those dates in Easy InnKeeping so you won’t double book the room.  Also as you update bookings in Easy InnKeeping, those rooms will get blocked in Airbnb.


Setup iCal connection between Airbnb Calendar and Easy InnKeeping

The connection will automatically update Airbnb with the availability of your rooms. In order to connect the two calendars, you need to be logged into both Easy InnKeeping and Airbnb so that you can get the proper credentials.

  1. Export calendars from Airbnb
    a. You will need these links in order to sync your Airbnb calendar with Easy InnKeeping
    b. Log into your Airbnb account
    c. Switch to hosting
    d. Select Calendar


  2. Select the room you are wanting to sync
  3. Select Availability Settings

  4. Scroll down until you see Sync calendars and click on Export Calendar
  5. Copy that line

Import Airbnb calendars to Easy InnKeeping

(Calendars are synced by room type)

To setup the iCal connection, you need to be logged into both Easy InnKeeping and Airbnb so that you can setup the room type connection.

  1. Go to Setup >> OTA >> OTA Settings >> Sync Calendars(ICAL)
  2. Click on Select OTA and select Airbnb
  3. Click on Select Room Type and choose the room type that correlates with the room type whose calendar you are syncing

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