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OTA Calendar

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The OTA Calendar shows the exact Rates and Availability that are being communicated to the OTA’s when data is pushed. This is also where the Open/Close Rooms order is sent to the OTA’s.

To access the OTA Calendar, from the Default Calendar View, click the drop down menu located in the top right of the window and select “OTA Calendar”.

This view has three columns to the right of the 7-day Availability grid. The first column shows the list of active Room Types, with the names as they appear in the PMS setup. The second column has an OTA filter to select either or Expedia and it shows the Room Types that are mapped to that OTA and the names as they appear on the OTA’s setup page. The third column shows how many Units are assigned to that Room Type.

The 7-Day Availability grid shows the number of Units available for that day, along with the price that is set for that day (from Rate Setup).  This is the information that is communicated to the OTA’s.  If there are no units available for that Room Type, the squares on the grid will be black.

To completely Close any or all Room Types, right click on the numbers in one of the white spaces on the grid and select Open/Close Rooms.


NOTE:  There is no need to push any Rates OR Availability.  The Open/Close gets communicated to the OTA’s automatically.


  1. Select which OTA you are closing the Room Types for. If Closing for both OTA’s, choose “com and Expedia
  2. Select the Room Type you are Closing. If closing all of them, start with the first one in the list and repeat this process for each Room Type.
  3. Select the Date Range that you are Closing the Room Types for
  4. Check the days of the week that are included in the Date Range. If it is longer than 7 days, select “All Days”.
  5. Click “Save Room Type

A line item will be added for each Room Type you Close.  If you decide to Open the Room Type before the End Date of the Close order, click the Open link to the far right.

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