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OTA Connectivity – Mapping

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To start off the mapping process for the OTA into the Easy InnKeeping system, make sure you have done the below steps,

  1. Sign up with the OTA provider (Booking.Com, Expedia, Airbnb, etc.) and complete the setup for the room types, rate, and other property details.
  2. Make sure you are in the premium package, if not, upgrade to premium or sign up for the OTA add-on. Refer to the pricing page for more details – (Integrations and Devices section)
  3. Choose the connectivity service provider on the OTA portal (Only for Expedia and Booking.Com).
    1. Gracesoft (Booking.Com)
    2. EasyInnkeeping (Expedia)
  4. Once the connectivity service provider is chosen, inform the Easy InnKeeping support team for approving the connection. Once the Easy InnKeeping support team is approved, you will be notified to start the mapping process.

Mapping Process

(For Booking.Com and Expedia)

  1. Login Easy InnKeeping and navigate Setup >> OTA Tab >> OTA Connectivity.
  2. Choose the OTA provider you have signed up (Booking.Com / Expedia)
  3. Once the OTA provider is chosen, it will list all the room types which are created in the OTA provider.
  4. For each OTA room type, map the Easy Innkeeping room type by clicking on the edit icon and choose the PMS Room type from the dropdown and click on “Update”. Once the room type is mapped correctly then the red status will be changed to green status.
    1. Once all the room types are mapped and all the status column are fine with the green ticks, click on the “Rate and Availability” button to push the rate and availability from PMS to the chosen OTA provider. How to send rates and availability – Help Document

    Note: If any room type has a red status then there is a mapping issue that needs to be rectified.


(For Axisrooms (Airbnb)

  1. Login Easy InnKeeping and navigate Setup >> OTA Tab >> OTA Connectivity.
  2. Choose the OTA provider as Channel Manager.
  3. Under the “Room Type Name” dropdown, choose the room type that needs to be created in the Axisrooms and enter the “Channel Manger Room Type Name”. This room type name will be shown in the Axisrooms portal.
  4. Click on the “Add” button.
  5. Similarly do the same steps for adding the other room types that need to be created in the Axisrooms.
  6. Enter the “Additional Details required with Axis Rooms (Channel Manager)”
  7. Once the room type mapped and the property information is filled, contact the Easy InnKeeping support team by sending an email to or connect through live support chat.
  8. As soon as the Easy InnKeeping support team will send this filled informed to the Channel Manager (Axisrooms) for the property creation on their end. Normally, it will take around 5-7 business days to complete it.
  9. Once the property is created in the Channel Manager (Axisrooms), the Easy InnKeeping support team will complete the setup and confirms the communication has established.

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