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The Property Info screen is a central location for all pertinent details about your property.  The name, address, phone numbers, main property email address, etc. all are found here.  Property Info is also where other areas of the system, like the Easy WebRez booking engine and the Reservation Letters get the contact information for the property.


To View or Update your Property Info Screen:


  1. Go to Setup>Front Office>>Property Info.
  2. Click on Modify Property.

NOTE: If you are entering the Property Info screen for the first time, or if you have not opened it in a while, it is highly recommended that you check all the information in each field so that any corrections needed can be made.


Changing Passwords:

The login credentials for the Main Property Login, (or Main Admin Login) and the View Credit Card Password are all found in the Property Info screen.  Note: ONLY the Main Property Login has sufficient access to change either password.


To change the Main Property Login’s password or the View Credit Card password, simply replace the encrypted text with the password you want and Save Changes.  If the password fields are grayed out, another user is logged in besides the Main Property Login.



To View or Update your Property Email and Mobile Phone:

  1. Go to Setup>Front Office>Property Info. Click on Modify Property.
  2. There is now an “Update” button next to each field.  Pressing the Update button will send an email to the address that is already in the Email Address field.  This email will have a link to a page that allows changes to be made.

  3. If changing the Email address, click the link in the email. In the new page, it takes you to, enters the new email address and press “Update”
  4. If changing the Mobile Number, click the link in the email.  In the new page, enter the new Mobile Number and press “Verify”.  A code will be sent to the Mobile Number you entered.  Enter the code and press “Update”

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