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Reservation Rules

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Reservation restrictions in Easy Innkeeping are governed by Reservation Rules.  Minimum Length of Stay, Maximum Length of Stay,

To access the Reservation Rules, go to Setup>>Accounts>>Inventory Items.

Reservation Rules List

The Reservation Rules List will show:

  1. Create Date: The date the Reservation Rule was initially created
  2. Notes: Whatever is typed in the Notes field of the Reservation Rule becomes the Name of the Rule. Click this Name to put the Rule in Edit Mode.
  3. Dates Applied: These are the dates the Reservation Rule is in effect.  NOTE: There cannot be two Reservation Rules in effect for the same Date Range.
  4. MinNights: If the Minimum Nights setting is selected, the number of Minimum Nights will display here.
  5. Room Types: Displays the Room Types that the Reservation Rule applies to.
  6. Effect From: Shows whether the Reservation Rule is set up for an Advanced Promo Code.
  7. Search Filters: Allows you to Filter the list by Rule Type (Minimum Nights or Other), Date Range (Past or Future Rules), Migration Status (Migrated or All Rules), and Ascending or Descending list by Date.

Reservation Rules Setup

To create a new Reservation Rule (in our example, we will create a Rule for a two-night minimum on weekends only), follow these steps:

  1. Click Add on the Reservation Rules List

  2. Select the Date Range that the Rule applies to
  3. Select the Days of the Week that will be affected. In this case, Friday and Saturday for “weekend only”.  Note: Do not select days that are not affected by the rule.
  4. Select the Room Types that the Rule will apply to
  5. Select which Modules that the Rule will apply to: Front Office – the PMS Calendar, Booking Engine – Easy WebRez online booking, or Online Travel Agents – and Expedia.
  6. Enter the Minimum Nights value and make sure that the Minimum Nights box is checked. You can also specify a “Minimum Rooms to be Reserved”, make the Booking Engine “Do Not Allow New Reservations”, and have the PMS Calendar “Require Credit Card Information”.  Note: Require Credit Card Information will apply to ALL reservations, even the ones paying cash.
  7. On the PMS Calendar, you can have the Rule “Do not include Discount”, make all reservations for that time Tax Exempt by selecting “Do Not Include Tax”, not allow any Group Bookings (“Do not allow Group Booking”), and not allow any Reservation to be Cancelled (“Do not allow Cancellations”).
  8. For Online Reservations, you can limit the number of nights the guest can book (“Maximum Night Stay”) or the number of rooms they can book (“Maximum Rooms to be reserved”).
  9. In this section, you enter the text to be displayed when the Rule is violated. It also becomes the name of the Rule in the List.  If you want to establish an Override Rule Password, enter it in the space provided, and you MUST check the “PMS” box and the “Override Rule Password” box for it to work.  See below for instructions on entering the Password.
  10. If the Rule applies to an Advanced Promo, check this box. Click HERE for instructions on setting up an Advanced Promo {**make the word HERE a link to the Advanced Promo doc**}
  11. Click Save to save the Rule and put it into effect.
  12. Click View ReservationRule to exit without Saving.

Override Password

With the Rule we just created in effect, any time you try to make a one-night Reservation on a weekend, a message will pop up with the text in the Message text box.  Click Cancel.

Enter the Override Rule Password you just created and click OK.


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