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Quick reservation is a one-page reservation solution that makes the guest booking process & check-ins more efficient.


Click the cell of the Calendar for the Date/Room you want to reserve, OR click the green “Plus” button at the top of the Calendar:


The Quick Reservation screen consists of nine blocks and nine to eleven buttons, depending on what features are enabled:

Reservation Block:

  1. Arrival and Departure Date will fix the date range of the stay
  2. Of Nights will calculate automatically based on Arrival and Departure Dates. Alternatively, the Departure Date will automatically adjust based on the Number of Nights entered.
  3. Enter the No of Guests to register how many Adults will be staying.

Guest Block:

Enter the Guest’s basic details such as First Name, Last Name, Address and Email ID in this block.  To search to see if the Guest is already in the Guest List, then enter the First Name, TAB to the Last Name field and enter it, then click on TAB again.  If they have a Guest Record(s) already, a list of those records will pop up.  Click on the appropriate Guest Name in that list.

Status and Auto Email Block:

Status allows you color-code the reservations on your Calendar.  The labels AND the colors for the different Statuses can be changed to suit your needs and the new name will display in this block as well as in the Legend on the Calendar page.   To change the labels, go to Setup>>Front Office>>Advanced>>Custom Labels, and to change the colors, go to Setup>>Front Office>>Advanced>>Room Status.  Click HERE for more info on Custom Labels.

Click HERE for instructions on setting up Auto Email

Rooms Block:

This block is where the Rooms, or Units are assigned to the Reservation.  Multiple Units can be selected by holding the Ctrl key while clicking on the Unit Names.


Referrals Block:

  1. Group Code – If the Reservation belongs to a Group Booking, you can enter that group’s Group Code Click HERE for more information on Group Bookings.
  2. Direct Billing – Click the Search icon (magnifying glass) to search the Company Ledger for the Company you are billing for the stay. Click HERE for instructions on setting up the Company Ledger.
  3. Agent Code – If you get reservations from “brick and mortar” Travel Agencies, you can build a list in Setup>>Add-On Features>>Travel Agent List, complete with Travel Agent info and commissions paid to them. This field is where you specify which Travel Agent in the list gets this particular booking.  Click HERE for more information on setting up the Travel Agent List.
  4. Share Room – This feature enables you to create multiple reservations on the same room/date. When this box is checked, the Calendar will no longer show the Guest Name on this reservation.  It will show the Reservation Number  Right-click on the number and choose “Share With”, and you will be able to enter the additional reservations.
  5. Referral – Allows you to select from a list of Referral Sources (Website, Word of Mouth, Expedia, etc.). The Referral List is set up in Setup>>Front Office>>Other Settings>>Referral Types tab.

Payment Entry Block:

  1. Payment Type – Specifies how the guest is paying. Can be Cash, Credit Card, Direct Billing, etc.  The Payment Types can be edited or disabled in Setup>>Front Office>>Accounts>>Inventory Items>>Payments.
  2. Amount – If any Amount is entered here and Saved, a payment of that type/amount will be created on the Billing screen.
  3. Credit Card # and Exp Date – Only applicable if one of the Credit Card Payment Types are selected.
  4. View – Allows you to View Credit Card details once the Reservation has been Saved in the system. Clicking the View button brings up a login box.  The User Name field will have the currently logged in account name, making it look like it is asking for the Login password.  It is not.  It is asking for the View Credit Card Password, found in Setup>>Front Office>>Property InfoNOTE: If any Payment Gateway such as or Stripe is in use, the CC number will be Tokenized and thus not Viewable.

Rates Block:

  1. Select Rates Dropdown – The Select Rates dropdown menu will only be displayed when a single Unit is selected in the Select Rooms Block. If multiple Units are selected, then this dropdown will not be there.  It will automatically show the rate that is set as Default for that Unit in the Unit Setup.  If “Multiple Rates” is turned on in Unit Setup, then only the rates selected there will show in this dropdown.  Otherwise, ALL rates will show.
  2. Unit Rate – This is the Per Night rate for the reservation. This amount can be edited if you wish to give a special price for this reservation.
  3. Room Total – The Pre-Tax Total of all Lodging for this reservation
  4. Extra Person Charge – Will be added when the “No. of Guests” in the Reservation Block exceeds the “Included Occupants” that is set in Setup>>Front Office>>Rate Setup. The Amount of the Extra Person Charge is set in the same place.
  5. Discount Dropdown – Applies Room Discounts. The default Discounts are “Room Discount” which applies a flat rate Discount, “Room Discount %” which applies a percentage Discount (enter the percentage in the Amount field just like you would a Dollar amount), and “Gift Coupons”.  Additional Discounts may be set up in Setup>>Front Office>>Accounts>>Inventory Items.  Click HERE for more information on setting up Discounts.
  6. TaxAll Taxes that have “Applied to Lodging” set as “True” will be calculated here. The Billing Screen (Invoice) can be set to either break down the Taxes as they are set up, OR just have one line called “Lodging Tax” that shows them combined like this field does.
  7. Miscellaneous – Additional charges can be added here. You have much more control if you do this in the Billing screen, however.
  8. Auto Housekeeping Fee – Any Auto Housekeeping Fee that is set up will show here

Payment Display Block:

  1. Post Tax Total – Total of all Lodging, Taxes, and Fees.
  2. Deposit – Shows any amount that was entered as one of the “Deposit” Payment Types
  3. Total Paid – Shows the sum of ALL payments
  4. Amount Due – Shows any remaining balance.

Notes Block:

  1. Shows any Notes that are typed in by you or your staff. Also will show any Guest Notes that populated when the Guest Record was selected.

Quick Reservation Buttons:

  1. Add Button – Adds a new Reservation. Make sure to Save before pressing Add, as all information in the current Reservation will be cleared.
  2. Save Button – Saves the current Reservation.
  3. Save & Close Button – Saves the current Reservation and Closes the Quick Reservation screen
  4. Billing Button – Brings up the Billing Screen. Billing Button is only active once the Reservation has been Saved once.
  5. Guest Button – Brings up the Guest Record Screen.
  6. Letter Button – Sends email responses like Confirmation Letter, Thank You Letter, or Invoice Letter. These Letters can be edited by going to Setup>>Front Office>>Advanced>>Reservation Letters.
  7. Delete Button – Deletes the entire Reservation. NOTE:  Deleted Reservations cannot be retrieved once Deleted.
  8. View History Button – Brings up the History Screen. Shows all activity on the Reservation, including (but not limited to) Letter Sent, Letter Opened by guest, Payment Received, etc.
  9. Close Button – Closes the Reservation Screen.

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