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Room Type Setup

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Navigation: Setup >> Front Office >> Room Type


  1. When creating a new Room Type, make sure you have created a new Rate Plan for this Room Type in Rate Setup first.
  2. In the Room Type Setup page, click Add Room Type
  3. Fill out the basic details like Room Type Name, Max Occupancy, and Number of Beds, then choose the Rate Plan you created in step 1 from the Rate Name drop down.
  4. No of Rooms to Create – Once all the details are filled out, you need to create the required number of rooms for this Room Type. Enter the number in this field.  Once the Room Type is saved, it will automatically create the number of Units you specified, with all the details carried over from the Room Type.  The Units will have the same Name as the Room Type, with incremented numbers (Ex. Double Queen 1, Double Queen 2, etc.).  You can view the Units under Setup >> Front Office >> Unit Setup.
  5. Auto Housekeeping Fee (Add on Feature – Contact Support) – If your Cleaning Fees are different for each Room Type, and you want them automatically added to the reservation when that Room Type is booked, then this feature can be used. Assign the fee here.  The Auto housekeeping fees themselves are set up under Setup >> Front Office >> Inventory Items.
  6. Any time the Room Type is modified, then all Units assigned to it will also be modified upon Saving Changes. Affected fields are: Rate, Max Occupancy and Description.

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