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Your guests can now receive a confirmation SMS when they book online or when you create their reservation in the PMS. With the SMS feature, you can send check-in reminders, thank you texts, and more! This feature can also be automated to send an SMS according to the settings you choose in Easy InnKeeping (instantly after booking or after a determined period of time). Also, you can receive the SMS on your mobile number if the guest reply back.

This is an ADD ON feature. Please contact support to enable this feature. For pricing, please visit the pricing page.


How to Setup/Edit SMS template:

To add or edit one of the predefined templates,

  1. Navigate Setup >> Front Office >> Reservation Letters / SMS.
  2. If adding a new letter, click Add. If editing, click on the Edit (pencil) icon.
  3. Complete the setup settings and click Save.

How to Setup Auto SMS:

  1. Navigate Setup >> Front Office >> Reservation Letters / SMS
  2. Click on Auto Email / SMS at the bottom of the screen.
  3. By default, there are 7 predefined templates. You can edit and manually send all the templates except the Online Confirmation Mail template. This template is used to send the SMS confirmation for the online booking engine version 3.
  4. You can set the “Send Condition” to be “After Check-in Date”, “Before Check-in Date” and so on. In the “Send Day(s)”, you can mention the day(s) to send out. For example, if the conditions set are: “Before Check-in Date” and “Send Day(s)” is set to two (2), then the upcoming reservations will receive the Auto SMS two days prior to checking in.
  5. To send instant SMS for the reservation made in the PMS, make sure you enable the “Instantly after Booking” condition for the default template 1 in the Auto Mail / SMS page and SMS is enabled.

How to Send Auto SMS:

In order to send an Auto SMS from the reservation screen, two requirements MUST be met:

  1. In the Auto Mail / SMS screen, the Auto SMS template you are trying to send MUST have the “SMS” status enabled. You can verify the status under “Enabled Status Column”.
  2. When making reservation in the reservation screen, make sure “Auto SMS” checkbox is enabled.

Note: You can make this always checked for each new reservation under Setup >> Front Office >> Default Settings and then “Always Check Auto SMS”. Make sure the checkbox is checked.

To send the SMS manually for each reservation (or to send in bulk to multiple reservation),

  1. Navigate to the “Find Reservation” screen and select the reservation and click on “Send SMS” at the bottom.
  2. Choose the template from the drop-down menu and click on the “Send SMS” button.
  3. It will shows up the SMS content and if needed you can modify the content and click on the Send button to send the SMS. To verify it sent successfully, you can view the log in the “View History” of each reservation.

Note: Do not edit or modify the predefined fields such as Property Name and Reservation Etc… If modified then it will not pull the respective information for each reservation automatically.

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