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The Staff List feature allows you to maintain a database of all your PMS and POS staff along with their general and personal details. Add workers to the system and assign each an individual login. Creating an individual login for each staff member adds an extra level of security as it allows the system to keep track of the activity of each staff while logged in to Easy InnKeeping. To access staff list, navigate to Setup >> Front Office >> Employee >> Staff List.

(NOTE: Before adding staff to the system, we recommend setting Access Levels)


Click on Add to add a new worker to the list.

  1. Enter full name of the user in Add Worker Page as shown.
  2. Enter a username for the workers
  3. Enter a password of the worker. (NOTE: We recommend writing down the password on a separate sheet of paper before typing it into the system. The password will not be shown once entered in the system.)
  4. Select an Access Level from the list.
  5. Select Shift from the list provided.
  6. Enter staff’s position, email address, and phone number. The email and phone number entered here will be used to send a verification code to the staff when they try to login. (NOTE: When entering the phone number, please enter your country’s code before the area code. For example, if you are in the US, you would enter a 1 before the area code: 1 (713) 981-5300)
  7. Click the Save button to save changes to the General Information.You have the option to add more information about the worker by clicking on + More and filling out the Staff Profile.



  1. Under the Staff Name column, find and click on the name of the staff you would like to remove
  2. Click on No for This Worker is Active

  3. Click Save to save your changes.


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