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Unit Setup

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Setup >> Front Office >> Unit Setup


  1. Units assigned to each Room Type will be shown in the Unit Setup
  2. Additional Units for any Room Types can be added. If the number of Units exceeds the number allocated for your property, contact Support Team to increase the number of allocated rooms.  Note: This may affect your pricing.
  3. Individual Units’ settings can be changed here but, keep in mind that certain settings are overridden by changing them in the Room Type setup (Rate Name, Max Occupancy, and Description).
  4. Any Units with a Reservation associated with it cannot be Deleted. It should be marked “Inactive” or contact Support to Delete it.  Note: Deleting the Unit via Support Team will also delete any Reservation associated with it and the reports will also be affected.
  5. Room No – Units on the Room Name Calendar can be sorted based on the Room No, depending on the settings. (Setup >> Front Office >> Default Settings >> Display Charts by “Unit No”).
  6. Display Order – Works together with Room No. In Setup >> Front Office >> Default Settings, change the “Sort Charts by“ setting to “Unit No”.  Then, back on Unit Setup, set the Display Order and the Room No to the same number. (Display Order “1” would also be Room No “01”).  In addition, Display Order can also be applied to how the rooms are sorted in the online booking engine. Setup >> Web Booking >> Booking Engine Settings >> List Rooms by Display Order.
  7. Online Room – To make a Unit visible and bookable on the Easy WebRez online booking engine, set this to “Yes”.
  8. Multiple Rates – If a Unit needs to have multiple rate choices offered on the Easy WebRez online booking engine, then the rates selected here will be presented when a guest books the Unit. (This feature applies to Easy WebRez online booking engine Version 3 users only).  Also, when this is set, reservations made for this Unit in the PMS will only show the rates selected here rather than the entire Rates List.
  9. Owner Name (Add on Feature – Contact Support) – Refer to the “Condo” help section for setup. This setting defines which Condo Owner is assigned to each Unit. All of the existing Owner records from the Condo Owner page will be displayed in this dropdown.  Once an Owner is assigned, when a reservation is booked for this Unit, this helps it keep track of the Owner and Management percentage under the Condo Module reporting.
  10. Select Tax Type
    1. Default – The taxes which have “Applied to Lodging” set in the Tax Setup screen will be automatically applied to the Unit.
    2. Variable – If different Taxes apply to different Units, then choose Variable Tax and select only the taxes that apply. (Use CTRL + Click to select multiple taxes in this list)
  11. Single Rate Option – In the Reservation screen, when the “No. of Guest” is set to one (1), then the Rate set in the Single Rate Option will apply. If “No. of Guest” is greater than one (1) then the Unit’s default rate will apply.
  12. Auto Lock Off – If you want to be able to book either the Whole House or book the individual rooms, Auto Lock Off will allow you to do this. When the Master Unit (Whole House) is booked, then all of the Partial Units (Individual Rooms) will be automatically Blocked on the Calendar, and if one of the Partial Units (Individual Rooms) is booked, then the Master Unit (Whole House) will automatically Blocked on the Calendar.
    1. Master – The main Unit should be set as Master.
    2. Partial – The individual rooms under the Master room should be set as Partial.

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