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Yield Management – Free Night Stay

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       Some guests are quite flexible with their travel schedule and they may want to stay extra night or two. In such a situation, Properties can provide an attractive Free Stay” offer to their guests. Yield Management – Free Night Stay will provide an option that when making a booking for some nights (let’s say 3 nights) then it can provide a 4th night free.

If you are using Easy WebRez V3, your property can use this feature as an online promotion offer. This is an add on feature; to enable, please contact the support team.


  1. Navigate, Setup >> Add On Feature >> Yield Management.
  2. Enter the Rule Title type (EX: Book 3 Night + 1 Night Free)
  3. Enter the Start Date End Date. Only these date ranges, this offer will be applied.
  4. Enter the Actual Stay. Since we offer if 3 nights booked then 1 night free. We need to enter 3 in the actual stay.
  5. Enter the Type as “Free Stay” and enter the Free Stay night next to the dropdown. Here we offer 1 night free so enter 1.
  6. Make sure “Apply Online” checkbox is checked to apply for the online booking engine and click the Save button.

How it works:

In the online booking engine version 3, when a guest searches for a three night stay within the created date range, the third night stay amount will be discounted automatically. The actual price of the room for three nights is $166.50 but since one night free stay applied, it shows as $111.

In the room summary, you can see the discounted amount as $55.50

In the billing screen, you can see the discount added as a separate row item with the description as “Internet Special Discount”

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