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Configuring with Your own Email server

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Configuring with Your own Email server (

To clients that have a different email service provider other than Gmail or Microsoft, we suggest you contact your email provider’s support team to get the information listed below. If your email is the same as your web site (e.g., this would also apply to you.
Information needed to complete the Email Configuration setup:

  • Outgoing SMTP Server
  • Outgoing SMTP Port
  • Username or user login. Typically, this will be your email address, but please ask and verify: “Is my username the same as my email address?”

– App Password. Some email services might require a unique App Password in order for us to connect to their server. If they require an App Password, they will generate it for you and you can enter it in Easy InnKeeping’s Email Configuration setup. Please verify and ask, “Do I need an app password to connect an outside email client?

  1. Now you are ready to setup your email account in Easy InnKeeping.
  2. Go to Setup>Front Office>Email Configuration.  You will see the Email Configuration screen display.  Enter the details given by your email/domain provider
  3. SMTP Server
  4. SMTP Port
  5. Email Login
  6. Email Password
  7. Sender email address
  8. Once all these credentials entered, click on “Verify & Save”. It will prompt with a popup to enter an email address to send a test email for verifying the credentials are correct. If the credentials entered are valid then it will send a test email and credentials will be saved. If not, please check the entered credentials or re-enter once again correctly.

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