How to add multiple images for my property?

Setup>>Unit setup>>Click on the Unit name to modify. In the modify room screen, there is a Browse option to upload images. Click on +Add    more button to add multiple images. Click Save changes.

How to add images for my rooms?

Setup>>Unit setup>> Click on the Unit name to modify. In the modify room screen, there is a Browse option to upload images. Click Save  changes.

How do I change check out status for a room, presently it shows dirty?

Setup>>Default Settings>>Set Status after Checkout>> Change it to ”Checkout Status”.

How do I remove the room tax from a guest’s bill?

Click on Reservation in the calendar >>Go to Billing>>Enable Tax Exempt

How do I setup email notification for condo owners when a new reservation is made?

  • Condo>>Add Condo Owner & enter a valid email address, and save
  • Under Unit Setup, be sure that the Condo owner is assigned to the correct condo unit
  • To enable “Auto Email,” go to Set Up>> Advanced>> Letters>> Reservation letters
  • Click on Auto Mail, select the letter you want to send automatically. You can choose the event and time interval after which you want the auto response email to be sent.
  • Now make a reservation for any unit assigned to that Condo Owner. When a reservation is completed, an email will be received by the owner.

What is the cost for subscribing to Easy InnKeeping?

With a cloud based system, forget large upfront investment and separate support contracts! We give you complete access to the system at an affordable price with no separate cost for support.

Easy InnKeeping pricing is very competitive, and offers a range of packages to serve properties large and small! Please see our pricing page for complete descriptions.


Is the Booking Engine compatible with WordPress?

Yes, both the Booking Engine and the Booking Widget can be embedded in a website that’s run using WordPress.

What support do you provide for Easy InnKeeping?

  • Easily connect with our customer support department via Live Chat. Click here to chat now with an on-call expert.
  • Get free access to numerous training resources – manuals, product videos and much more. Get step by step direction to effectively use the software with the detailed, in-depth help content!
  • You can reach us at 713-981-5300 between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday.