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Due to the recent pandemic, many states want rooms to be kept vacant at least a day after a reservation. We offer the Auto Block option to help you meet these guidelines.

To enable the Auto Block Feature, go to:

Setup -> Default Settings -> Reservation after block Rooms


When making a reservation for a particular room, it will automatically block the room for the following days based on the settings which are set up here. If it is 1, then it will block the room the next day and if it is 2, then it will block the room in the next two days, and so on.

The block will be enabled on the calendar based on the number of days selected:

(Note: Same feature works on Quick Reservation, Full Reservation and Group Bookings.)


Alert on Conflicts

If the new reservation with auto block conflicts with an existing reservation, an alert will pop-up in QR/FR page.



Clicking Ok will apply the reservation without auto block.

(Note: Editing the existing blocked reservation also pops up the alert)


Auto Block in V3 Booking Engine

The same feature applies to Easy WebRez V3 online booking engine reservations.

In V3, guest selects Room Type and Date:

Guest selects Room Name:

Guest finishes the reservation:

Then, the calendar automatically updates with Auto Block enabled following the V3 Online Booking.

(Note: Rooms will be not available online for days that have Auto Block enabled)

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