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Add real-time credit card transactions to the Easy Innkeeping system with GraceSoft’s Credit Card Processing module.  This module utilizes the Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal – a secure, browser-based terminal that enables businesses to authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions from any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. Virtual Terminal replaces standard authorization terminals or software.


Credit/Debit Cards
  • Accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express payments directly in Easy Innkeeping.
  • Payments received directly deposit to your merchant account
  • Secure transactions via encryption technology
  • Process credits and refunds
  • Activity, status, and batch reports
  • See application for monthly statement fee and transaction fees
Setup Costs
  • No Setup Fee!  Authorize.Net will interface with Easy InnKeeping and Easy WebRez Online Booking.
Website Trust Seal
  • GraceSoft’s Easy WebRez pages all display the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal.
  • You have the option to display this seal on your website as well!
  • When displayed on your website, our free Verified Merchant Seal increases customer confidence that their transactions are processed according to the highest security standards.

Linking account with Easy InnKeeping

After receiving your Authorize.Net account information, please complete the following setup steps.

    1. Login to terminal. Enter login ID and password.
    2. Click on the Settings menu item.
    3. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on API Login ID and Transaction Key
    4. Please note your API Login ID; this will enter Easy InnKeeping as the User Name.
    5. Make sure to capture the new Key before clicking Continue by clicking Copy to Clipboard. Then click Continue.
    6. Log into Easy Innkeeping.
    7. Go to Setup>>Accounts>>Credit Card.
    8. Under the “Credit Card Validation” section, both the Easy Innkeeping PMS AND the Easy WebRez Online Booking dropdowns to say “” Both will have to be entered.
    9. Under the “Credit Card Validation” section, both the Easy Innkeeping PMS AND the Easy WebRez Online Booking dropdowns to say “” Both will have to be entered.
    10. Enter API Login ID.
    11. Enter the Transaction key.
    12. Click Save Changes.

Testing account with Easy Innkeeping

After completing the Setup to link with Easy Innkeeping, we recommend processing a test transaction to verify.  Request the user to use their name, address, and credit card number to create a demo reservation and test transaction.

Processing a Test Credit Card Payment in Easy InnKeeping

Credit Card Payments

All credit card payments are processed from the Billing Screen.

  1. Create the reservation details and enter payment details.
  2. In the billing details screen, select the appropriate Acc Code.
  3. Enter the amount that you need to charge in credit card ($1.00 for test transaction)
  4. If the card were saved earlier in the reservation, it would automatically appear here. If not, enter the Credit Card No.
  5. Pick the Expiration Date by selecting the month and year from the list boxes provided.
  6. Click on the Process CC button
  7. If the credit card is processed successfully, a message will appear on Easy InnKeeping that says, “Credit Card Processed successfully for Guest Name and Amount.” In addition, it will save the transaction ID along with the amount in the bill.
  8. If the credit card processing failed, it would give the following messages “Invalid Card,” “Insufficient Funds,” “Wrong Address,” or “Internet Connection Failure.”

After a successful test transaction, you can proceed to VOID the payment.

Void Credit Card Payments

If a credit card payment was processed in Easy Innkeeping within the last 24 hours before the ‘Batch Time’ (typically 5 pm), you have the option to delete or void the payment.

  1. To delete or void a charge or payment, click on the trash can icon found in the same row as the charge in the table in the lower portion of the screen
  2. A message box “Are you sure you want to delete this item” appears. Click on “Yes” if you are sure you want to delete or void this payment. Click on “No” if you do not want to delete this payment.
  3. If you are processing credit cards, you must delete them before your payments “batch” (on most systems, 5:00 pm daily). Then, it will appear as a voided transaction. If you need to reverse a payment after it has batched, please refer above to the CREDIT CARD REFUND process.

Issue Credit Card Refunds

A refund may be issued if, when entered, a credit card payment is processed in Easy Innkeeping more than 24 hours prior.

  1. Open the specific reservation and click on the Billing button
  2. Select the appropriate payment method from the Account Code Click on the magnifying glass next to Acc Code. (for example, Visa Card Refund)
  3. Select Payments from the Account Type List
  4. Several refund options are listed. Next, click on a payment type from the Account Codes listed.
  5. The control returns to the billing screen. Leave Quantity as 1
  6. Enter the amount of refund and click on Process CC.
  7. You will get prompted to enter a transaction ID. Then, by referencing the billing screen, enter the Transaction ID from the original payment and click OK.
  8. The refund gets added to charges and payments found in the lower portion of the screen.
  9. Click on Close to close the billing screen

Please note that the transaction ID must match the original payment, and the amount of the refund must be the same or less than the actual payment amount.


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