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Configuring with Gmail server

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Before updating the Email Configuration screen, please follow these steps to generate an application password which will be used only for Easy InnKeeping.

  1. Login to your Gmail Account, on the top right corner, click on the icon and click on “Manage your Google Account”
  2. Click on Security in the left pane and navigate to the section named “Signing in to Google”. Make sure “2-Step Verification” is turned ON.
  3. Once “2-Step Verification” is turned ON, it will display an option named “App Passwords”. Click on it and enter your Gmail password for authentication.
    Note: This “2-Step Verification” should not be turned off after completing the setup. If it is turned off, then no email will be sent.
  4. In the “Select App” dropdown, choose “Other (Custom Name)”.
  5. Then enter “Gracesoft” in the text field and click on the “Generate” button. It will generate a password which is highlighted in yellow. Please copy this password, or write it down.

    Now you are ready to setup your Gmail account in Easy InnKeeping.Go to Setup>Front Office>Email Configuration.  You will see the Email Configuration screen display.  For Gmail, you can enter the following settings.

SMTP Server:

SMTP Port: 587

Email login: Enter your Gmail Address

Email Password: Enter the Gracesoft password you just created.  (Don’t enter the normal password. you used to login your Gmail account. )

Sender Email address:  Enter whichever email address you want your guests to reply to.

Click Verify & Save.  Once the test email is sent successfully, your new email settings are complete.


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