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By default, the system has predefined labels for each field.  If those predefined labels need to be changed to a customized field to suit the user’s needs, then the Custom Labels feature can be used.


  1. Go to Setup >> Front Office >> Custom Labels.
  2. In the dropdown, choose the Module (first dropdown) and its respective Page Labels (Second Dropdown). It will show the list of Default Labels and their corresponding customizable Labels (New Label) in the textbox.
  3. Changes can be made in multiple screens like Reservation, Billing, Guest and Online Booking Engine.
  4. Some examples of changing the labels,

4.1 In Front Office:

In the Custom Labels page, choose “Front Office (PMS)” in the first dropdown, and then choose “Reservation” in the second dropdown”.  The label for the Reservation Status “Confirmed“ have been changed to “Early Check in” in the user defined text box (shown below):

These changes will reflect in the Reservation screen and Calendar screen’s which are shown below:



4.2. In Online Booking Engine:

Additional information that needs to be collected from the guest when they book online can be stored in the Reservation for later use. Also, you can make the fields Mandatory (Required) or Non-Mandatory (Not Required).

The image below shows the fields we set up in the Custom Labels in the previous image (Note that they contain the red “star” that indicates a Required Field):

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